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We are transforming the recruiting industry with big data, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

There are billions of individual profiles on the web. How do you determine that any two of them belong to the same person?

Why Recruiting?

Let's be honest. Engineers love to complain about recruiters.

We love to complain about how much spam they send us. And, we love swapping horror stories about our worst recruiting experiences. It's like a badge of honor. So, why work in this space?

The short answer is we're making it better. Through predictive analytics, we can optimize a recruiter's sourcing, so they only email candidates when the role makes sense. And, our proprietary messaging insights help recruiters follow best practices and avoid common mistakes when they reach out.

Beyond the problems we're solving, the work itself is challenging, and the whole team is amazing. That's why we built SourceCode — to introduce ourselves and our technology. We hope you'll stick around and get to know us. Better yet, join us for ramen, and check us out in person. Just email careers@entelo.com for an invitation.

Highlights From Our Blog

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Our Culture

Boba Driven Development

We practice BDD: Boba Driven Development. The team orders boba twice a week to keep our creative / productive juices flowing! What's your favorite flavor?

Come Join Us!

With millions of candidate profiles to work with, and a multi-billion dollar industry to sell to, Entelo is just getting started when it comes to optimizing the hiring process. Think of all we could do with your help! Check out our openings and our Glassdoor reviews to see if Entelo is right for you.

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