Our Team

We use modern tools to build groudbreaking solutions to challenging problems.

Given only public profile information, how do you determine whether or not someone is open to new career opportunities?

Our Pods

Our engineering team is organized into multiple cross-functional “pods” which include software engineers, data scientists, and product managers.

Intelligence & Discovery

The Intelligence & Discovery pod's mission is to support both our Envoy and Search products. They use the latest AI technologies and machine learning models to find the most relevant candidates for a given job description from our candidate database. Their work empowers users to search for candidates while offering to do it for them.


Recruiters send a lot of email. It's a numbers game. But, some recruiters are much more effective than others. The Track pod's goal is to provide actionable insights based on our proprietary email data that help all of our customers raise their reply rates.


The Core pod builds and improves the foundational features and data on which Entelo's products and users rely. We work to understand fundamental user needs and create experiences to solve them. To ensure that users are working with the best candidate data possible, we process up to 2TB of public social data per day, performing entity resolution on billions of social profiles.


Systems don't design themselves and application engineers don't always know what's possible. Our Infrastructure team acts as an enabler and consulting partner with our software teams. They build the things that enable others to build more things.

Our Stack

We use modern tools across our entire stack.

You can see more at stackshare.

Our Team

Elena Sigacheva

Head of Product

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Passionate builder of impactful big-data products serving real user needs. Expert at turning data into knowledge, information into insights, user stories into intuitive products.

Haroon Mohamed

Lead Data Scientist

Pronouns: he/him/his

Haroon is a data scientist at Entelo. He loves biryani, boba and binge watching thrillers and crime series.

Tausif Ahmed

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Pronouns: he/him/his

Tausif is looking for a ghost writer to write his summary for him since he has had writer's block since high school. Recommendations appreciated.

Joao Antunes

Head of Engineering

Pronouns: he/him/his

João is PhD two-time published author with a US patent and the most difficult to pronounce name that can only be explained using the doppler effect of someone passing by in a high-speed 🚗 yelling Jooooo.

Ayush Joshi

Data Scientist

Pronouns: he/him/his

Ayush has a very curious nature and as a kid he always wanted be a scientist (but physicist). He is always fascinated about universe and wonders about metaphysical questions (e.g., why do we/anything exist?). Apart from work, he enjoys photography, cooking, and reading poetry. He dreams of having AI assistant like "Jarvis" from Iron-Man movie someday.